Frequently Asked Questions

We don’t want solar. How can you help us?

We are not a solar company. We are an energy management company, and we utilize multiple sources of power generation to meet our clients’ needs. Each contract is designed to stabilize the energy bill you are already paying for up to 20 years. The methods we use to generate and save power cover a broad range: wind turbines, batteries, solar panels, LED lights, HVAC units, windows, roofs, maintenance plans, and so on. Progeneration will cover the cost of any assets that are installed.

Does Progeneration Energy provide maintenance services?

Progeneration offers maintenance services, at no cost to the customer, for all assets installed as part of the energy management solution. We utilize a hassle free maintenance portal for customers to enter maintenance concerns that occur outside of the scheduled quarterly inspections, and our technicians will complete the work at the most convenient times for you, helping you run your business with least interruptions possible.

What kind of financing or incentives are available?

Progeneration will source the funding for your project so there is no capital investment needed by the customer. The energy management services contract covers the cost of your electric bill, and Progeneration will provide the assets.

Will I still pay my current utility company?

Once Progeneration takes over your energy management, you will no longer pay the electric company. You will have a flat rate payment each month to Progeneration rather than the unpredictable electric bill you receive now.

What do I need to know when starting a project with Progeneration Energy?

The first and most important thing to know is that Progeneration Energy will help you start saving on your energy usage from the beginning of the project. We will educate you on how to manage your energy, and take away the stress of initial funding, maintenance and repairs.

Can Progeneration Energy help me educate my staff about energy efficiency in our facilities?

Yes. Progeneration Energy educates all of our customers on factors that influence the energy usage of your facilities, helping you raise awareness and manage your energy use more economically.

Will my system stop working if it’s cloudy or raining?

Your system will work with direct or indirect sunlight. So while it will work at its best during hours with direct sunlight it will continue to work on cloudy days and the rain will help the system by cleaning dust and debris from your panels.

Do I have to clean my solar panels?

Your solar panels do not normally need to be cleaned often for dust and build up, your panels will not become measurably less effective, and the rain will help to wash away some of the dust.

Will the installation damage my roof?

Progeneration Energy’s qualited teams of installers go to great lengths not to damage your roof in the installation process. With a variety of options to ensure the system is properly set on the roof this may be done by axing it directly or by using a ballasted system.

How long will my system last?

Solar panels used by Progeneration Energy hold a warrantee for 25 years with minimal maintenance, but have been rated for 40 years.

Do I need a battery?

Grid tied systems do not need a battery.