Florescent, incandescent, LED, oh my. This is only one decision of several when it comes to selecting the lighting best suited to your property. Often, when our lights go out we replace them with the same bulb, after all, we already know it works; or possibly going for the price conscious option, in an effort to reduce expenses. By using the inappropriate positioning or type of light you are actually spending more both directly and indirectly on your lighting then you should be. Progeneration Energy can help you wade through these options and help you get set up with the best options to save you money

  1. Drastically cut your maintenance costs! LED lights last up to 10 times longer than compact florescent lights, and much longer than your standard incandescent lights.
  2. Due to using a solid structure, instead of a filament, LED lights are more durable and much less likely to break.
  3. Energy efficient- depending on your current lighting, LEDs require between 3 and 30 times less energy, which translates directly to lower energy bills.
  4. Keeping you cool. LED lights don’t heat up like your traditional bulbs, reducing the stress on your A/C system, meaning less maintenance and less energy.

Progeneration Energy’s Green Light program allows you to improve the efficiency of the lighting at your building with financing options to help you manage that up-front cost. Contact us for a more information on our Green Light program and how we can help you become more energy efficient.

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