This press release targets rural manufacturing systems, in an effort to reach out and assist in grant applications as well as assistance with EAP and other government programs.

Progeneration Energy has announced a way maximize savings in energy and operating costs for rural manufacturing companies.

NSL Aerospace sought out a solar energy system

installation with a payback period of less than the 9 year local average. The facility’s energy use would normally warrant a 145kW solar system; however, the facility roof capacity, and local code regulations limited Progeneration to a 123kW system; however, Progeneration was able to find a solution.

Using cutting edge solar energy technology, Progeneration’s design team created a 123kW system with an efficiency of 86%, which is far above the industry average of 80%, while still providing the same production as a 145kW system. This success in technology has allowed them to offer a variety of services to their partners and clients.

Progeneration Energy is an expert at working with the USDA, and their Rural Energy for America Program, to provide qualified customers with a solution to financing needs at little to no cost. Along with reducing the size and cost of the NSL Aerospace project, Progeneration was able to work with federal and local programs to generate grants of over $97,000. This created system savings of over $185,000 when combined with the Investment Tax Credit! The result was a 5.5 year payback, and a very happy Progeneration Energy Partner.

Progeneration prides themselves in having a 100% record of acceptance for funding! They are experts in the government grant, and financing application processes. If your facility is in need of energy solutions, Progeneration makes it so you don’t have to stretch your budget in order to make it happen. Whether you are a school, rural business, or small business, Progeneration has the financing tools for you.

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